Monday & Tuesday

The flow kicking this week off is one of sorrow on an existential level. Welcome to Monday, right? The focus here is on questioning the foundations of life; Does it have any meaning, purpose, or value?


We can begin to see the state of the world and the suffering of humanity which leaves us sad. When the existential crisis moves center stage, we experience the view that existence is suffering. There is a real pain here, not just by those who suffer, but by those who recognize it and for many, it is becoming impossible to ignore.

It is said frequently that many people are just being too sensitive and I must fully disagree. People aren’t feeling near enough empathy for the world around them and the need for an existential crisis is born.

You are coming to realize that ‘something’ is wrong. You will analyze it, it will not feel good, and then you will be anxious.

Feeling such extreme sadness is damn scary and avoided by most. The truth though is that feeling powerless with anxiety can lead to healing as this awareness is necessary to change your world. Deep spiritual suffering often leads to a desire to make things better. Don’t escape these feelings, instead, let them teach you their lessons. Remember that we can most easily move through negative emotions by engaging them fully.

Although you may not personally be going through a Dark Night of the Soul, many people are which can and will affect you.

Wednesday & Thursday

The second half of the week provides us opportunities to experience compassion. This flow calls to question how we can achieve inner peace and we do this by becoming a vessel for love. Love creates love and unbiased happiness without agenda creates peace. When we allow ourselves to connect to Source with the intention of filling our hearts with love it becomes an act of compassion for ourselves AND for others.


Be open to all experiences and clear of expectations. The most important reminder here is that you must be able to love yourself to love others; you must be able to give love to receive it. Practice compassion in all that you do.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

The flow for the weekend is much lighter; one of contentment and delight but that doesn’t mean everything is perfect as you want it.

There is always more-more being offered, more being wanted, more being taken. However, the secret is not to have what you want, but to want what you have.

Count your blessings. Stop wishing for what you don’t have. Being content with what you do have will provide you satisfaction and happiness. Remember that happiness is a choice and state of being.

Say yes to your social nature and have fun! I believe the saying is ‘Lighten up & Laugh a little.’ And if you are wishing for something, be careful what you wish for.

This week we’re reminded to truly consider what would satisfy us and not just what we think we want. I encourage you to ponder these questions: Where do you find peace? Where do you find true happiness? What feels you with a feeling of connection to the Universe and others?

Blessings to you!

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