The aura is an energy field that surrounds all things though living beings tend to have a stronger aura than inanimate objects. The aura can be seen by anyone who can generate an alpha brain wave. Sensing the aura comes quite naturally to us as human beings and seems relatively easy for empaths.

There are three different layers to the aura. The Etheric Aura lies immediately next to the skin, completely surrounding the body and stretches outward anywhere from ¾” to 2” thick. It varies in shades of whites, grays, light blues, and yellows. The Astral Aura lies just beyond the Etheric Aura and extends on average out to about 3ft. The Astral Aura can shrink in closely to the body but can also be expanded out quite a far distance. It is within the Astral Aura that a clairvoyant will see color. The Astral Aura is surrounded by the Auric Shell and it is here that you would see holes, cracks, and energetic aura connections.

The technique I will give you here to see the aura uses a type of vision perfected by WWII fighter pilots who used it to spot targets in the dark and requires peripheral vision. This type of peripheral sight causes you to register the area around the top of your head and shoulders on the rod cells of your eyes that are the black and white receivers, not the cone cells, which see color in the physical world. Remember that alpha brain waves are required here so take your time with the first steps to thoroughly relax your mind.

Sit comfortably in a room with a dim light source and position yourself in front of a mirror. Calm and center yourself with three slow, deep, complete breaths. Look into the mirror and gaze at a point roughly 6” above your head and 2” behind it. Keep your eyes focused on the spot above your head and use your hand to help as a focal point. Then look with your peripheral vision at the top of your head. As you use this peripheral soft-focus you will see the sharp line of your etheric aura surrounding your head and shoulders. It will become easier with practice and eventually you will be able to see the Etheric Aura around everything in any kind of light. Once you can see your Etheric Aura clearly slowly move your focal point higher to about 12” to 14” above your head and again with your peripheral vision you will begin to see a hazy egg-shape between your hand and the top of your head above the Etheric Aura. This field is your Astral Aura. Try not to look directly at it or it will disappear. Once you’ve learned to see the aura around yourself, use the same technique to practice seeing the aura around others.

Sensing the aura can be different for everyone. You may feel heat, tingling, itching, or pressure.  There is no wrong or right way to ‘feel’ the aura. Just recognize whatever sensations you have.

Sit in a relaxed position with your hands palms upward resting on your thighs, eyes closed. Take three very deep complete breaths to ground and center yourself. As you breathe, focus on a point of light at the top of your head, first sending the breath to all parts of your body, then drawing it up into your head to help elevate your consciousness to achieve an alpha brain wave state. Visualize that light moving down your arms and into your hands. Extend your hands out in front of you, palms upward. Pay close attention to the skin on the palms of your hands, until you can begin to feel a slight vibration along the surface of each hand. Continue to be aware of the sensations moving along the surface of your skin until you actually feel your hands pulsing with energy. When your hands are tingling as if they are itching, turn them inward to face one another, palm to palm, but keep them about a foot apart. Gradually bring them together, closer and closer. As you do so, feel the pressure created between them by the movement. Bring them close together, but not quite touching. Now, begin to pull them apart slowly. You may feel a sensation almost like sticky dough being pulled apart, as you move them apart. When you get to about a foot width apart, slowly bring them back together again. You will find the resistance increases each time you do this, and when you pull them apart again, the feeling of sticky dough also increases. Now, for the second part of this exercise, pretend that you are holding a ball between your hands. Roll the ball around your palms as you feel the changes in the energy in your hands. This action, combined with your focused attention on your hands dramatically increases the amount of energy moving out of your palms. Now open your eyes and shake your hands out.

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